GE Innova 2000 Cath Lab

2003 GE Innova 2000 Digital Cardiac NISRM1852

Solid State Digital Detector

Flat panel, Solid State Digital Detector

Imaging Area with Optimized Imaging

Unique Imaging Advantages


State-of-the-Art Dose Reduction

Detector Dose Efficiency

Dynamic Exposure Optimization

Temporal Dose Efficiency

Innova Digital Imaging Subsystem

Image Acquisition

Image Display

Image Processing

Image Analysis

Image Management and Connectivity

Two 17” room monitors
17” slave monitor with components

One 17” control room monitor with components
17” slave monitor for live images in control room

120Hz scan converter & installation kit

Wall box, cabling & EMC compliance kit

Innova LC Cardiac Positioner

Floor mount L-arm & offset C-arm

Vessel profiling capability

Anatomical and mechanical movement

Tableside system controls

Choice of positioner controls

Smart Handle

Smart Box

Removable Grid

Innova Real-Time System Manager

Single point of control

Dynamic Exposure Optimization

Automatic 10R/min Patient dose limit

240 preprogrammed protocols

Digital management of parameters

Extensive self testing & calibration

Innova VMP 100 kW Generator
2011 MX-150BG X-Ray Tube
Innova Cardiac Collimator
Digital System Keyboard
In Site Modem

Omega V Cardiac Table

Mechanical Float

118” long, 18” wide

43.5” longitudinal travel

Motorized variable height from 30.5”-42.5”

Carbon Fiber Tabletop

+/- 180 degrees rotation

450 lb patient weight rating