Pan Am Hero Kit

For years, OEM field engineers have had the advantages of Hero Kits —unlimited, rapid access to a custom toolkit of parts to fix a problem. They’re called Hero Kits because fast resolution of the problem makes the engineer a hero in the customer’s eyes.

For the first time, service providers and biomedical engineers have the same advantages with the Pan Am Imaging Hero Kits:

Custom designed. We don’t pick parts off an order form to ship to you and then charge you a premium to take those same parts back. Our engineers will help you troubleshoot your problem to identify the right parts to get you up and running. We pull these parts from our extensive inventory and put together a customized Hero Kit, which is on its way to you within two hours.

Check the seal. Each part in your Pan am Imaging Hero Kit is sealed. Using a triage approach, you start with the most likely part (which we’ll help identify) to resolve the problem. If the first part solves the problem, simply send back the rest of the parts unopened so that they arrive back at Pan Am within seven days and you pay a substantially discounted restocking fee.

You will love the expedience and cost-effectiveness of our Hero Kits.