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Service Calls & Parts Installation
Hassle-free and available in emergencies!

Let us save you the time, hassle, and risk of finding someone to install those quality parts you just ordered from Pan Am Imaging We have a experience team of CT service engineers standing by to get your site up and running again. We’ll gladly correspond with onsite technicians to diagnose the problem and parts most likely to fix the issue. We have technicians available to travel to the site and install the part. If possible, the technician will even bring the part(s) along, saving you the extra shipping cost. Even if the requested part isn’t the problem, we’ll continue to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem to ensure that your system is running when we leave. Need additional parts? We’ll order and install them for you, and we’ll be sure you are involved in the process very step of the way.

Our customer service specialists are standing by!

1-888-497-7997 Option 1

1-732-393-1020 Fax

1-908-578-5088 After-Hours On-Call:

  • • Mohamed Maaty CEO, Ext 205
  • • Basant Mohamed (President), Ext 213
  • • Jimmy Attwa Customer Support, Ext 216
  • • Hamid Hussaini Customer Operations, Ext. 214